A Tooth for a Tooth…

Justice is a funny old thing. There are times when what is right and wrong is so clearly defined by law that there is no debate needed. But what about the times when the public are baying for natural justice to prevail over any judgment made in a court?

Take for instance the case of Michael Adebolajo sentenced to life for the horrific murder of Fusilier Rigby back in 2013. Adebolajo has lodged a compensation claim for the loss of two front teeth after being restrained by guards at Belmarsh prison whilst on remand in 2013.

The media have speculated that if successful, Adebolajo could receive sums of up to £20,000 – which of course would be at the expense of furious tax payers.

So the question to be asked is this: is the loss of his teeth his just desserts or does he himself deserve justice?

Some people will be sickened by the idea of Adebolajo receiving a pay out after the heinous crime he committed; but there are others who would feel equally uneasy at the thought of the prison service getting away with inflicting that level of injury on a person in their custody.

The scales of justice: on one side is logic, and on the other is emotion. Which is weighted more heavily in this case?