It’s no secret that in recent years, coconut oil has been hailed as some sort of panacea. Smooth skin, whiter teeth and even healthier insides have been attributed to the oily goodness extracted from the tropical fruit – but now it seems a bigger johnson can also be added to the list.

According to Vice, a number of men from Burma are loading up syringes full of coconut goodness to enlarge their peeny penises.

The craze is called Karen Viagra – a homage to the Karen people it was first observed in. Results can apparently last between two to three years before things start to get sticky.

Koko, a medical student attending to Karen refugees on the Thailand-Burma border told Vice: “The coconut oil solidifies around the penis—the actual penis—so between the skin of the shaft and the organ itself. Then after a few years your penis just stops working. Difficulty peeing, reduction in sensitivity, pain, and no erections, so no sex. Basically, it makes the whole thing pointless. I think shame plays a large part in them delaying medical attention.”

For those who do eventually seek medical attention, the nightmare isn’t over. The penis is sliced  and the solidifyed coconut oil  scrapped away – all this under just a local anaesthetic.

“The worst part is that when you’re doing this, you can actually hear the crunching of the coconut oil. Because the coconut oil is injected as a liquid and solidifies. So imagine just cutting through wax or coconut,” explains Koko.